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I Have an FO to Report in

Midsummer Monkeys are finished – and I’m wearing them right now. :) I’m still not a great fan of the color but it works quite well in the stitch pattern. You should’ve seen my swatches… or maybe not. The socks are a little snug, especially around the calves (that just means I have to work out more, haha). They’re also a bit itchy but I can’t usually wear wool against my skin so that’s normal. But, they haven’t been washed or blocked yet, so I’m hoping I can stretch them out a bit and make ‘em softer.

I also cast on for the second pair of SOS2007 socks. The yarn (Zitron Trekking Pro Natura) is this yummy mix of blueberry, blackberry, and steely blue. It’s a wool/bamboo blend and although it’s not super soft on the ball, it’s got this subtle sheen when knitted up. It’s softer but also thinner than the Hot Socks I used for the Monkeys and the color is so soothing. I’m using sock pattern no. 100-19 from Garnstudio DROPS, which has a cute cable lattice on the instep and three 3-by-3 cables in the back of the foot. The yarn looks like it’s self-striping but it’s pretty tone-on-tone so I’m hoping it won’t completely drown out the cable pattern. We’ll see how it goes.

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