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Twisted & More Twisted

The Toe Up Bayerische are done and I’m more than happy that this project is over.

I made a foldable ribbing in which you can thread an elastic through but I’m in two minds of whether I should actually sew it down or if I prefer the longer ribbing. And about the yarn… It’s wonderfully soft and smooth and really makes the cables pop but I did notice considerable pilling even before wearing the socks. All that stitch mangling is apparently pretty hard on the yarn too, not just the knitter.

As if that project wasn’t twisted enough, I’ve started another! Another theme in February 2008 Sockdown is new heel construction and these are certainly very unique.

These are the Firestarter socks by Yarnissima. And what a perfect colorway and pattern combination for Project Spectrum! These teeny, tiny cables are amazing.

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