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Berry & Plum

Some patterns look stunning but are really simple to knit. These weren’t.

Berry mittens by Martin Storey

For starters, the pattern was written flat, then seamed. I obviously didn’t because, hello, not insane.

Berry mittens by Martin Storey

Second, there were two charts, the cable and the berry vine chart, but the charts were separate and had a different number of rows per repeat. Which meant you had to track each separately – or would have, had I not re-charted the pattern in Excel. (Ha, beat you, stupid pattern!)

Berry mittens by Martin Storey

Then, the bobbles. I like the look of them but they’re a PITA to execute. I tried a few different methods and came up with a sort of w&t one that doesn’t leave huge gaping holes. Still not entirely pleased.

Berry mittens by Martin Storey

Finally, the yarn consumption. See: bobbles. The mitts took 50 g of yarn – each! And would’ve used a whole lot more if done according to pattern. The pattern has you cast on nearly 70 sts for the cuff. In DK weight. For the smaller size. Seriously.

Berry mittens by Martin Storey

The mitts are very cute, and I’ve been wearing them lots because they’re really cushy and warm. But would never knit them again.

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