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This must be a new personal best: I’ve signed up for three mystery knit-alongs (MKALs) starting this fall.

My track record with MKALs isn’t that great. I’ve done a few and usually lose steam at some point and they end up in the UFO pile. But eventually I’ve finished them all! Few months or a year later but finished nonetheless.

First one, starting September 1st, (hey! that’s today!) is Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. by Heidi Nick written for the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry. "Written in honor of tea drinkers and Star Trek fans everywhere!" That describes me perfectly. I’ve got a few yarn ideas – plenty of single skeins of fingering in the stash – but I’ll decide when the first clue is released. The pattern features cables, lace, and beads. Beads in socks? Meh. I may not do the beads, we’ll see.

Second, starting September 8th, a German fingerless mitt MKAL, CraSy Fair Isle Mystery KAL by Sylvie Rasch. In German. (Seriously, what am I thinking?) But hey, charts are universal, right?

Last but hopefully not least, starting October 1st, a Penny Dreadful themed mystery shawl, Vanessa Ives MKAL by bunnymuff. This totally needs to be knit in something dark and moody. The shawl is crescent shaped with lace, nupps, and beads. Yay, more beads. I may forego the bead-beads and place beads where nupps would go. Seems logical?

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