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Fill in the Blanks

Sock blanks are all the rage right now. This spring I got a chance to attend a sock blank dyeing workshop at a knitting retreat. We all got a blank blank, a bunch of dyes and brushes, and off we went! Check out the slideshow below.

My blank ended up looking like this.

Sock blank

I wanted to cast on the very night I got home. Because I wanted to knit the socks two-at-a-time I unraveled the blank first and wound it onto a cake. Ever wondered what a unraveled sock blank looks like? Look no further.

Unraveled sock blank vs. Pennywise

I did my usual vanilla sock: cast on 12 sts using the Turkish Cast-on, increased on every other round to 32 sts per needle (64 total), with a Widdershins Revisited heel. Non-vanilla this time was the linen-stitch heel (which you can't even see because we forgot to take close-ups) and a two-by-two rib cuff.

Sock blank socks

Thanks to Neulisti for the lovely sock photos!

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