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New Knitting Books for Spring 2024

As the days get longer and temperatures climb higher, knitting often takes a backseat. But if you're one of those people who enjoys knitting year 'round, here are a few interesting new knitting books to check out for Spring 2024. Let's explore instant gratification knits, delve into sock knitting, and marvel at intricate colorwork knitting techniques.

Instant Gratification Knits

We're at an interesting crossroads when it comes to the state of the knitting industry that's still reeling from the pandemic effects. On one hand, long-standing publications are ceasing operations and established designers are bowing out of the business. And on the other, the COVID years brought on a new generation of knitters, knitfluencers, and indie designers to take over the reins.

This market trend hasn't gone unnoticed by book publishers, if these three works on fast and easy knits aimed for beginners are anything to judge by.

Eriko Teranishi is a Japanese author who's written multiple knitting and crochet books focusing mainly on kids' crafts and amigurumi critters, many of which have not been translated into English. But this one has: Chic & Simple Chunky Knits, containing 23 quick-to-make patterns, is intended for the knitter looking for easy projects that can be completed in just one or two nights.

This book shows you how to use jumbo knitting needles and crochet hooks, or just your hands and arms, to create fun, trendy accessories for yourself and your home. Even if you're a beginner, this book is for you. Chunky knitting uses thick yarn, so it's easy to work with without worrying about being too precise. Although the knitting is quick and easy, the results are charming.

Fast and Fabulous Knits: 18 Speedy Sweater and Top Patterns for Busy Knitters by Jaime Dorfman (Page Street Publishing, 2024)
Fast and Fabulous Knits: 18 Speedy Sweater and Top Patterns for Busy Knitters by Jaime Dorfman (Page Street Publishing, 2024)

Whereas Chic & Simple Chunky Knits focuses on accessories and other small projects, Jaime Dorfman's Fast and Fabulous Knits contains nothing but instant-gratification garments, intended for those who tend to abandon their knits mid-project.

Achieve your knit wardrobe goals faster with super-cute and super-speedy sweaters, vests and cardigans from knitwear designer Jaime Dorfman. Wielding colorful bulky and super-bulky yarns to expert effect, Jaime’s designs are modern, trendy and flattering.
These 18 size-inclusive tops feature updated silhouettes that’ll fit seamlessly into your modern wardrobe, no matter your body shape and size. What’s even better, these fun patterns vary in stitch techniques, yarn weights and needle sizes to excite and reignite your creative momentum.

One more book about quick knits. Knitting designer, author, podcaster, and all-around industry veteran Vickie Howell's Fun and Easy Finger Knitting for Beginners is an updated version of her 2015 title Finger Knitting Fun that contained 28 craft projects for kids. This new family-friendly version is aimed at beginners of all ages who want to be eased into the hobby before grabbing a pair of needles.

Knitting without needles is crafty fun for the whole family! Bring the joy of finger knitting to your own home with this easy-to-follow, photo-illustrated guide.
Simple, step-by-step instructions and beautiful photos make it easy to learn the techniques and create a wide variety of stylish projects, including jewelry, wearable accessories, wall art, gifts, and room décor, using yarn and other materials such as leather lacing, ribbon, and paracord.
Projects are rated from levels one through three, so it’s easy to find just the right fit. Tips and extra ideas are sure to spark creativity and promote success.

Fun and Easy Finger Knitting for Beginners by Vickie Howell is released on May 14, 2024.

Get Your Sock on

But it's not all just beginner knitter stuff this spring. These next two books are aimed for seasoned sock-knitting enthusiasts.

Knitting a box of socks is a very popular style of a casual knit-along. The hashtag #boxofsocks yields over 20,000 hits on Instagram! Now Julie Anne Lebouthillier of Twin Stitches Designs has written a book with 24 original sock patterns with which to create your own curated box of socks.

This is the ultimate guide for knitters who want to create their own box of socks, packed with 24 original patterns for a wide range of different sock designs. The patterns vary in difficulty from very beginner to more complex so there is lots of choice and plenty to appeal to experienced knitters as well as newbie sock knitters. There are patterns for socks using gradient yarn as well patterns for stranded colorwork designs, textured knits and even cabled designs so you can build your skills and expand your sock knitting know-how while you work your way through the designs, building your very own box of socks as you go.

The patterns range from simply cute to colorful and complex, such as the Pumpkin Spice Latte socks — my personal favorite!

Pumpkin Spice Latte by Twin Stitches Designs
Pumpkin Spice Latte by Twin Stitches Designs

Knit a Box of Socks is already out! This sock pattern collection is available in paperback and e-book, both released on March 12, 2024.

The sequel to the ground-breaking book that started Laine's 52 Weeks series, 52 Weeks of Socks, Vol. II contains yet another set of 52 sock patterns by 47 different designers from around the globe.

From knitting experts Laine, 52 Weeks of Socks, Vol. II is a colorful, abundant and even more versatile book on patterns than its best-selling predecessor.
The patterns, contributed by a diverse group of 47 talented designers from all over the world, are clear, approachable and graded into three sizes, and are accompanied by gorgeous photography. Using a variety of different techniques and yarns, the book has something for both beginners and advanced knitters, including lace, cables, stripes, ruffles, colorwork — even a pair embellished with beads!

The preview images on their website look very enticing but, as with all Laine publications, keep an eye for the inevitable errata. 52 Weeks of Socks, Vol. II can be purchased from the Laine website but, now brought by Hardie Grant, is available at retailers worldwide from April 23, 2024 onward.

Colorwork and Beyond

The last two books in this season's batch are both about colorwork and colorful knits.

100 Knitted Tiles, edited by Sarah Callard, is a collection of knitted charts and stitch patterns in all shapes and sizes, inspired by decorative ceramic tiles found found all over the world. And not just colorwork: textures, lace, cables, and mosaic knitting — to mention but a few — are also featured in these swatches contributed by various artists and designers.

Decorative tiles have long been a source of inspiration for designers and artists due to their often intricate patterns and colours. This collection of knitting patterns and charts includes 100 designs inspired by decorative ceramic tiles from around the world.
Choose from brightly coloured colourwork designs to simple textured motifs that evoke everything from Victorian floor tiles to the intricate and brightly coloured designs of ancient temples and palaces.
Using a variety of different colourwork knitting techniques such as stranded knitting, mosaic knitting, and intarsia, as well as textured and lace knitting techniques and special stitches, a number of talented knitting designers have developed their own interpretations for you to create with yarn.

Get your hands on these knitted tiles on March 26, 2024.

Saving the most intriguing for the last! Woolly Wormhead is a world-renowned designer who specializes in innovative hat patterns that play with short rows. Now they've written a book that delves deep into this technique that can be used to create amazing effects on the knitted fabric.

Using short-rows to create colorful patterns is not a new technique. It's been used by many knitwear designers across many extremely popular patterns. Surprisingly, no one has explained the technique in full detail or taught it on a widespread level — until now.
Woolly Wormhead, known for their innovative hat constructions, presents the first book to develop, teach, and fully utilize short-row colorwork knitting. Beginning with an in-depth and illustrated step-by-step section, Woolly teaches the core concepts. With that new knowledge, knitters can then move on to explore and practice from a stitch dictionary of 50+ stitch patterns.

In addition to the step-by-step technique section, the book also includes 10 new short-row knitting patterns — mostly shawls, cowls, and hats — contributed by such designers as Carol Feller, Linnea Ornstein, and Justyna Lorkowska in addition to Woolly Wormhead themselves.

From speedy sweaters to the allure of a curated box of socks, and the innovative techniques of short-row colorwork, this season's line-up is nothing short of inspiring. Which title are you most excited about? Sound off in the comments!


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Discover fresh releases in Spring 2024 knitting books with my latest blog post! From speedy sweaters to curated sock boxes and innovative short-row colorwork, these new releases are nothing short of inspiring. Explore chic chunky knits and other instant-gratification patterns, socks from all over the world and with a range of techniques, and the artistry of colorwork -- with or without short rows. #knitting #knittingbooks #colorwork #shortrows #sockknitting

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