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New Knitting Books for Winter 2023

In the penultimate blog post for 2022, let's take a look at new knitting books coming out this winter. Some of these have already hit the bookstore shelves so you can still make a wish for Santa!

Colorwork for Hand and Machine Knitters

Colorwork is still the trendiest thing to knit and now it's taking over machine knitting, too. But first: a couple of new colorwork books for hand knitters.

In their new book, Line Iversen and Margareth Sandvik take inspiration from the traditional garb worn by Norwegian fishers.

Three hundred years ago, Norwegian fishermen went to sea no matter the wind or weather — and they needed warm, comfortable, durable sweaters to protect them from the cold while they worked. Now, photographs and documentation of surviving examples have been brought together to form the foundation for this collection: timeless traditional patterning applied to modern styling and shaping, for a selection of sweaters, cardigans, hats, mittens, vests, and more, for men and women, rooted deeply in the rich tapestry of Norwegian history.

Fishermen's Knits from the Coast of Norway was released on December 13, 2022.

Linka Neumann's Scandi-style yoke sweaters have been hugely popular ever since the first volume of Villmarksgensere came out in 2019. Now she's back with the second book translated into English, Wilderness Knits for the Home, which focuses on non-wearable homeware items.

After the success of Wilderness Knits, with its cosy jumpers and cardigans set against the backdrop of the Norwegian landscape, Linka brings us gorgeous wall hangings, cushions, blankets (including for your dog!) and more. Once again, set in the stunning Norwegian countryside, the book inspires you to knit these beautiful creations and embrace the aesthetic of the Scandinavian wilderness.

Wilderness Knits for the Home came out on December 13, 2022. Is Villmarksgensere 2 the next to be translated?

This next one is geared more for machine knitters but the section on picking colors and a stitch pattern directory containing over 100 colorwork patterns are invaluable for handknitters as well. Not to mention the pure inspiration factor of the cover photo alone!

Creative Machine Knitting is simply a treasure trove for machine knitters; overflowing with design ideas and stitch patterns to inspire you to explore different styles and to make wonderful new projects. [...]The book features over 100 patterns, all of which can be adapted and form the basis of new designs, covering: jackets, cardigans and kimonos; sweaters; Fairisle designs; waistcoats; children's knitwear; accessories and homewares.

The hardback version of Creative Machine Knitting: A Voyage of Discovery into Colour, Shape and Stitches by Alison Dupernex was released in September this year. The paperback comes out March 1, 2023.

Regional Traditions

This next pair of books draws influences from the knitting styles of different regions of the world.

British art historian Linda Ivell's Timeless Tyrolean Knitwear examines vintage techniques and designs from the Alpine region of Tyrol, located on both sides of the Austrian–Italian border. The book includes 13 knitting patterns that evoke the cropped and fitted style associated with the 1930s to 1950s.

The passion for Tyrolean-style knitwear has endured for nearly one hundred years and it is still as popular today as when it first appeared in the early 1930s. Timeless Tyrolean Knitwear outlines the key techniques associated with the style and offers inspiration and guidance for creating your own vintage-inspired designs. Coverage includes an introduction to the origins and inspiration for Tyrolean knitwear and the defining characteristics of the fashionable style plus advice for working from vintage knitting patterns and adaptations for the modern knitter.

Timeless Tyrolean Knitwear: Recreating the Vintage Style was released on November 28, 2022. The paperback version is to be released on February 1, 2023.

German knitwear-meister Birgit Freyer is a prolific designer known for her intricate sock and shawl patterns. In her latest book she's taken inspiration from Japanese stitch dictionaries to create 26 items incorporating these exquisite lace patterns. What's clever about this book is that the designs have been knit and photographed in neutral colors so as not to upstage the lace.

Knitted lace pieces are stunning, but that is no reason to save them for only special occasions. The 26 lace patterns in this book are designed to showcase your stitches in pieces that can be worn anywhere. They incorporate Japanese lace stitch patterns to beautiful effects in pullovers, socks, shawls, hats, mitts, and more, in infinitely wearable patterns. Knit in neutrals, these pieces are easy to pair with items in your closet; knit in fabulous colors, they are showstoppers!

Nifty Techniques

I'm forever interested in knitting techniques so these three volumes piqued my interest.

If you're not a fan of purling, you might be interested in Andrea Brauneis' new book Knitting Wraps in the Round. But here's the catch: all the 21 shawl designs are steeked.

Save yourself some purl rows and knit your wraps in the round! […] By knitting your shawls and scarves in the round, you are always knitting on the right side, so it is easy to work beautiful stranded, lace, texture, and even brioche patterns. Plus, it's so fast to keep knitting with no turning!

Knitting Techniques: Brioche by Judith Schur (The Crowood Press 2022)
Knitting Techniques: Brioche by Judith Schur (The Crowood Press 2022)

Judith Schur's Brioche concentrates on — you guessed it — the wonderfully squishy but sometimes hair-tearingly frustrating technique of brioche knitting.

Whether you’re a new knitter expanding your skillset or an experienced knitter honing your technical ability, brioche knitting is an essential technique to add to your repertoire. Each single row involves two passes of the needles, knitting half of the stitches and slipping half of the stitches each time, which is very different to most other knitting techniques.

Knitting Techniques: Brioche was released on December 9, 2022.

And finally, a book after my own heart. Jo Shaw's Neat Knitting Techniques focuses on the best techniques for making your knitting neater and creating the perfect finish for your handknit projects. The topics covered include making an accurate gauge swatch, different knitting styles, improving purl stitch problems, finishing touches including seaming and blocking, and lots more.

Completing a project, only to discover irregular tension, untidy joins or a tight cast off can be disheartening and ruin the look of a knitted piece. Neat Knitting Techniques provides a toolkit of essential skills and solutions to common issues, helping you knit in a neater way. Step-by-step photos, diagrams and straightforward instructions illustrate each technique, and three full knitting patterns encourage you to put your skills into practice.


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In the penultimate blog post for 2022 I take a look at new knitting books coming out in winter 2023. Norwegian fishermen's knits, colorwork homeware from Linka Neumann, and Creative Machine Knitting by Alison Dupernex bring more colorwork knitting for both hand and machine knitters. Linda Ivell offers historical Tyrolean knitwear while Birgit Freyer takes inspiration from Japanese lace stitch patterns. New technique books teach you brioche, steeking, and finishing techniques. #knitting

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