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Spring/Summer 2024 Knitting Trends

Even though we're still in the midst of the chilly winds of winter, it's time to turn the attention to the fresh knitting trends awaiting us. DROPS are at it again: the vote is on for their newest knitting pattern collections for Spring and Summer 2024. Here are my top picks for the hottest warm-weather knitting trends in 2024.

(If the link above redirects you to the Garnstudio front page, it means the vote is already over. Keep an eye on their website for the new patterns as they're released over the coming weeks.)


Unique Shoulder Construction

PetiteKnit is currently the most popular Scandinavian (or even European) pattern designer for hand knitters. Anything she does winds up, sooner or later, in Garnstudio patterns as well — just think of the mini-shawl trend spurred on by the Sophie Scarf. This season it's a shoulder construction used, for instance, on the Lyon Sweater. This construction, commonly used in commercial ready-to-wear knitwear, is known as the European Shoulder, English Tailored Shoulder, or Classic Shoulder.

In a regular set-in sleeve construction the shoulder seam sits straight at the top of the anatomical shoulder. In contrast, in the European Shoulder construction the shoulder seam is shifted towards the back of the garment. The top parts of the back and front are not symmetrical. Instead, the front wraps over to the back, and the shoulder seam creates a refined line across the upper back of the sweater.

Get ready for the trendiest sleeve construction: European Shoulder.
Get ready for the trendiest sleeve construction: European Shoulder.

And this one of the standout features that Garnstudio have chosen to focus on this season. Just by looking at the photos I counted altogether 12 patterns employing this shoulder-shaping style. A properly structured European Shoulder should run straight across the back, giving a sturdy and stable fit on the upper body. But poorly executed the shoulder seam can start to droop down and look sloppy, dragging the sleeve head down the upper arm.

Ruffle & Puff

Puff the magic sleeve.
Puff the magic sleeve.

Whimsical puff sleeves are in this summer! I'm seeing voluminous sleeves that are gathered, ruffled, or ruched at the shoulder. This trend, reminiscent of classic romantic styles, provides a counterpoint to the contemporary sleek lines of the European Shoulder.

Fast-track your way off sleeve island with elbow-length sleeves.
Fast-track your way off sleeve island with elbow-length sleeves.

Speaking of sleeves, they're getting shorter this season. Not just tees and tanks — that's a given for summer — but longer sleeves have also been cut off at the elbow- or three-quarter length, providing a sweet spot between coverage and breathability for the changeable spring and summer weather.

Breezy Chic

Tank, you're it!
Tank, you're it!

Apropos tees and tanks, sleeveless tops and shells are making a comeback, as they always do in the spring. These lightweight garments are perfect for staying cool in the summer while still showcasing your knitting prowess.

But one thing that hasn't yet made it onto the DROPS pattern radar is figure-hugging bralettes. Maybe next year?

Lace Accents

Combine lace and stockinette for the best summer knits.
Combine lace and stockinette for the best summer knits.

Another trend majorly featured on the latest collection is the combination of stockinette with lace accents on different parts of the garment. Whether it's lacy sleeves on an otherwise stockinette-heavy sweater (left), straight-up stockinette sleeves on a lace garment (middle), or lace-yoked sweaters (right), you can't escape this trend in the coming months.

And it makes sense, too, both from a temperature and knitting perspective: playing with contrasting textures adds some much-needed ventilation and breaks up the monotony of single stitch-pattern project.

Unpredictable Stripes

One, two, many, lots.
One, two, many, lots.

Random, uneven, and irregular stripes are also in. This break away from symmetry is quite uncharacteristic for Garnstudio but it does create eye-catching designs with some unpredictability and playfulness. More please!

Which trend are you most excited to try? Share your thoughts and knitting plans in the comments below!


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Explore upcoming Spring & Summer 2024 knitting trends in this blog post. The spotlight is on the European Shoulder, a tailored construction creating refined lines across the upper back. Puff sleeves add a touch of whimsy while sleeves take a shorter turn, embracing elbow and three-quarter lengths. Sleeveless tops and shells make a comeback for breezy chic, while lace accents on stockinette and unpredictable stripes add flair. Which knitwear trend captivates you? #knitting #trends #trends2024

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