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Trick of the Light :: mystery shawl knitting pattern

This year's mystery shawl is a play on bright and dark, light and shadow, contrasts and opposites.

Trick of the Light is a three-color shawl knit in fingering-weight yarn. Choose colors with a good amount of contrast, such as two light and one dark, or vice versa. Pick neutrals with one color pop for an edgy, graphic shawl or three colors in the same color family for a tonal look. Add a little twinkle to your mystery shawl with beads!

This mystery shawl pattern is released in five clues starting April 1, 2020.


Trick of the Light

Zingiber :: cardigan hoodie knitting pattern

Zingiber is a cozy top-down cardigan with raglan sleeves, striking cable details, cabled patch pockets, and a hood.

Zingiber features a wide four-leaf cable panel running down the back on a reverse stockinette background. The body is straight, making this unisex hoodie fit all body shapes. The hood — which can optionally be left out — is worked last and shaped with short rows.



Lady of Light :: shawl knitting pattern

Lady of Light is a subtle shawl with quiet, understated beauty. This elegant triangle shawl is named after Galadriel, the queen of the elves.

Lady of Light is a shallow triangle-shaped shawl made with smooth stockinette, rhythmic lace, and shimmering beads. The shawl comes in two size variations — one or two skeins of fingering — along with instructions for adjusting the shawl size as needed. There are also two suggestions for bead placement.


Lady of Light

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