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talvi knit designs :: Word Cloud

I asked my mailing list subscribers to describe my designs. This word cloud is the result.

Hi, my name is Susanna Winter!

I am a knitwear designer from Finland. My design philosophy is to create what I love to wear myself. My business practices are founded on the principles of integrity and transparency, inclusion and equality, and sustainability. You can read more about each one in my Code of Conduct.

My aim is to design timeless and elegant pieces with clean lines, something that won’t go out of style and you’ll love wearing even years after knitting. My designs always come with some interesting element, such as an eye-catching detail or clever shaping. I also love to play with contrasts, be it in color or texture.

Growing up I was always making stuffed toys and doll clothes, either sewn, knitted or crocheted. In school I loved math and languages, and got a PhD in international business. My designing profession has come together very organically, pulling from my passion as a child, my university background, and the drive to constantly learn more.

I have experience in knitting for over 20 years. I have been knit blogging since 2007 and designing knitting patterns professionally since 2016. My patterns have clear instructions that are easy to follow. The patterns come with photo tutorials of knitting techniques and exciting stitch patterns. My knitting tutorials are often featured on the blog, as well.

In addition to self-publishing my knitting patterns on Ravelry, my designs have appeared — among others — in Stranded, The Fibre Co. , TAITO, and Making Stories.

I will help you create knitwear pieces with clever construction and smart shaping.

If you ever need help with a knitting pattern or just want to say hello, you can contact by filling the form below.

Happy knitting!

- Susanna // talvi knits.

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