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Code of Conduct

Last updated: July 22, 2019



This Code of Conduct applies to the operations of talvi knits and its relations to customers, test knitters, yarn partners, publications, and other third parties. The code provides the ethical foundations on which I base my business decisions every day, and is anchored in my values and beliefs.


My values

Integrity & transparency

I communicate and operate in an honest, open, and transparent way, and am committed to cooperating with partners who also operate ethically. I appreciate if a partner is able to provide me with a link to their Code of Conduct or can in some other way indicate the ethical values underpinning their business operations, understanding that I cannot dictate the internal policies of others.

I respect the immaterial rights of others and expect others to respect my rights in turn.

I am committed to treating the personal information entrusted to me in a trustworthy and responsible manner. The procedures regarding the collection, use, and share of such data is outlined in my Privacy Policy.

If an action that is in direct opposition to my values should come to my attention, I will investigate the allegations. After careful consideration of all relevant facts I reserve the right to not enter into cooperation or to cease to cooperate with a partner that is or has been in misconduct.


Inclusion & equality

I welcome everyone regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, body shape or size, mental or physical ability or disability, nationality, race or ethnic background, religious or political convictions, or similar. While I may not personally agree with everyone, I will listen and be receptive to different points of view regardless of how unlike they are from mine.

I am committed to keeping the conversation and community on my social media platforms safe and comfortable for everyone. I will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or bullying of any kind.

I am committed to providing high-quality patterns in multiple sizes and fits. While I realize this may not happen instantly for patterns already published, I strive to be size inclusive in all my future designs and to offer sizing or shaping suggestions.



I am committed to reducing the environmental impact of my activities. I give preference to natural, renewable, and biodegradable materials and strive to reduce my reliance on synthetic, man-made fibers. I also actively seek materials that are responsible farmed and environmentally less strenuous in production, dyeing, or other yarn-treatment processes.

Wool and wool-bearing animals are vital for the knitting and fiber industries. I am committed to the ethical and humane treatment of sheep and other animals, their living conditions, and farming practices for all wool and mohair I use. I absolutely do not condone the practice of mulesing and will seek evidence that all merino wool I use is mulesing-free. I do not use fur or angora rabbit hair. I also pay attention to the country of origin of the materials and products I use.

While my patterns are immaterial in nature, I recognize that the use of my patterns requires the production and consumption of material goods that, in turn, contribute to the environmental footprint of my customers, test knitters, and alike.

Knitwear that stays in use longer has a smaller overall environmental impact over its lifespan. My aim has always been to design timeless and elegant pieces, something that does not go out of style and that my customers will love wearing even years after knitting.

I strive towards accurate and reasonable yarn and material estimates in my patterns, providing only a necessary buffer of yardage to accommodate for varying personal knitting styles and tensions. I highly encourage the use of recycled or existing yarn from stash rather than buying new.

I am committed to a paperless office — yours and mine. I provide patterns only in digital format paying attention to file size, page count, and page layout. In order to reduce the use of paper, I strongly recommend using a digital reader or to print out only relevant portions of the pattern (for example charts).



If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Code of Conduct, you can contact me at or by using this contact form.

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