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Test Knitting Guidelines

Last updated: April 7, 2020

How to sign up as a test knitter?

Join my mailing list and tick the box "Test knitting" when you join.


Testing calls are posted in my Ravelry group about once a month. If the pattern is something you’d be interested in test knitting, simply reply in the Ravelry thread, by email, or by private message.


Let me know which size you want to test knit and which instruction type (charted/written) you prefer. You can also let me know which yarn you’re going to use. If you can post a photo of the yarn, even better!


If you’re selected and you haven’t test knit for me before, send me your email address so I can send you the pattern link. All test knits are hosted in Google Docs so a Gmail address or an email address associated with your Google account is preferred.


Who can sign up as a test knitter?

Everyone is welcome to sign up as a test knitting candidate, provided you have

  • the knitting experience required to complete the project,

  • the time to complete the project by the deadline, and

  • a level of English-language comprehension necessary to follow the pattern and to provide feedback.


No-one is discriminated against — nor in favor of — age, gender, sexual orientation, body shape or size, mental or physical ability or disability, nationality, race or ethnic background, religious or political convictions, or similar in test knitter selection or in fulfilling testing requirements.


How are test knitters selected?

I evaluate all test knitting candidates on the same criteria:

  • knitting experience and skill level

  • track record as a test knitter

  • quality of project photos

  • activity on social media, and

  • whether you have outstanding or concurrent test knits for me or for any other designer.


I have rejected testing candidates for using someone else’s photos on their project pages.


Test knitter selection is not based on “first come first serve” so you can take your time to consider your size or yarn choices. I aim to choose test knitters within 12 to 24 hours of posting the testing call.


What makes a good test knitter?

Here are my top 5 tips for being a great test knitter. You can read more about each tip in this blog post.


  1. Read the requirements.

  2. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

  3. Stick to the pattern.

  4. Give feedback.

  5. Share your project.


Do I have to use the same yarn?

No, you don’t need to use the yarn suggested in the pattern. You are absolutely welcome to substitute the yarn you use for a test knit, provided of course it fits the gauge, weight, and other suggestions offered in the pattern.


Public or secret test?

If the test knit is public — and most are — you can share photos during the test knit. Set up a project page on Ravelry and link it to the pattern draft using the secret tester code provided in the pattern.


I love to see WIP photos on your project page and on social media! Use the hashtag suggestions provided on the first page of the pattern.


Feel free to post progress photos, comments, and questions in the testing thread any time.


If the test knit is secret, don’t publish any photos or other information of the design or pattern on the Internet until the pattern is published.


Testing schedule

Some test knits, usually sweaters and cardigans, are divided into parts. When you sign up you only get access to the first part of the pattern. After successfully completing each part, I’ll send you link(s) to later parts so you can proceed with the test knit.

Garment tests also come with a weekly testing schedule. Each Monday I’ll post a reminder of the schedule and your task(s) for the week. You don’t have to stick to the schedule religiously but it’ll help you finish an entire garment in the allotted time (usually 8 weeks). It’s also easy to see if you’re on schedule, ahead of it, or falling behind.


What if I can’t finish the test knit within the deadline?

Sometimes life intervenes and you might not be able to keep up with the schedule. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop knitting! Be sure to save or print the pattern for yourself because you will not be able to access the pattern after the deadline has passed.

Note that you will not be accepted for future tests if you have outstanding test knits for me. It’s in your best interest, too, to finish all test knits — even after the deadline.


Do I get paid for being a test knitter?

I’m unfortunately not able to pay my test knitters. After successfully fulfilling testing requirements (listed with each pattern) you will, however, get a copy of the final pattern along with a coupon code for an additional free pattern from my Ravelry store.

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