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Dangly Bits

I finally got down to trying my hand in stitch marker making. I’d ordered some frosted stars…

… and some purple hearts and seed beads.

The lady I ordered the beads from had also included three glass butterflies gratis and I made 2 of those into stitch markers as well.

I’m not very handy at making them, and I suck especially in tugging in the end of the wire so that it won’t snag the yarn. The largest ring size the shop carries is 5 mm, which I can fit on my sock needles but nothing larger. For the frosted stars, I ended buying some 8 mm rings from the fishing department of a department store. :D I guess they’re used for lure making.

I haven’t completely abandoned the blueberry lattice socks, though. They’re knitting along quite swimmingly and I’m enjoying the pattern and the yarn. Gusset increases are finished and I’m ready to turn the heel.

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