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New Month, New Knitalong and New Projects

August 1st was the kick-off date for Sockdown: Ravelry. I cast on for Zephyr Socks in Regia Cotton Jacquard Color. I’m really liking the stitch pattern: it’s fast, easy and the resulting effect is really interesting. No wonder the same stitch pattern has been used in several other sock patterns.

I’m also liking the yarn. I’ve never used sock yarn that has cotton it it before, but I’m finding it very smooth and sturdy to work with. I was a bit worried that the socks wouldn’t fit since you only cast on 54 sts for the Zephyrs. But the yarn is slightly thicker than the ones I’ve used before so no problem there. That and the lace pattern is stretchy. The only complaint I have is that the combination of the yarn and lace pattern makes to socks look a bit busy. It’d be better in solids or subtly variegated colors.

I also cast on for another project I’ve been ogling and drooling over for months now: a gorgeous Monarch of the Glen inspired MacPalmikkoneule cabled cardigan. I want to wear this when the weather gets cool in the fall so I figure I’d better start working on it already. The pattern is written for flat knitting but I’m working the fronts and back in one piece. And that of course means that one row is miles long. So far, I’ve barely made it past the ribbing so nothing much to show yet.

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