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Unintentional Knee Highs

The Zephyr Socks turned out, unintentionally, knee-highs! The pattern is stretchy and very economical as far as yarn consumption is concerned. I was able to crank out knee-high socks of just two 50 g balls. The yarn doesn’t even have exceptional yardage. In fact, it has less than the wool blends I used for the previous socks.

  • On Ravelry: Zephyr Socks

  • Pattern: Zephyr Socks by Domesticat

  • Yarn: 2 x 50 g Regia Cotton Jacquard Color (41% new wool / 34% cotton / 25% polyamide), colorway #5436 (blues and grays)

  • Needles: 2.5 mm 80 cm aluminum circular needle

  • Mods: Toe-up, Revisited Widdershins heel. Increased one pattern repeat (9 sts) on the back needle above heel to a total of 63 sts. This made the cuff slightly loose in the ankle (but also very easy to put on) but it evened out as I worked further on the cuff. The stitch pattern is very stretchy so I didn’t need to do any calf shaping. Ribbing according to pattern.

  • Other: Summer of Socks 2007 pair #4, Sockdown: Ravelry August 2007 challenge (Sockbug or lace) pair #1

I worked diligently on the Zephyrs over the weekend because I wanted to cast on another pair of lacy socks for the Sockdown: Ravelry August challenge. (Poor MacPalmikkoneule must be feeling neglected.) This is Minitomus, Pomatomus anklets made of sport weight yarn. I have a small leftover skein (from Rainy Day Socks) of this variegated aqua that I think will make great Poms. It’s not enough for a full-size pair but worked toe-up might just make a pair of anklets. I’ve never done Pomatomus before but that doesn’t stop me from modding it on the first go. :D

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