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How I Converted the Bayerische Socks to Toe-Up


Cast on 14 sts using Turkish Cast-On (28 sts total). Knit 1 row across, then increase 1 st at each end of both needles every other row 11 times (36 sts on each needle, 72 sts total). When toe measures about 5 cm (2”), increase 14 sts evenly in instep only to 50 sts. Knit across the 36 sts in sole (86 sts total). Lay out all charts side by side in this order: D2-C-B-A-D1 (start reading the chart from the right edge of D1). Stagger two vertical repeats of panels A, B, and C so that you have a single chart consisting of 16 rows. Don’t forget the ktbl’s in between the charts! (I redrew all the charts by hand on a piece of printed out chart paper.) Begin on row #1 of the master chart.

Gusset Increases

Start gusset increases when sock measures 5.4 cm (2.1”) less than desired and you’re about to start row #5 in chart. Follow the instructions for Revisited Widdershins heel with the following figures: B36-C54-D14-E26-F10. Working the gusset increases, turning the heel, and working the heel flap should take you exactly 20 rows – this should land you in the beginning of row #1 in the chart.


After you have decreased all the gusset stitches on the left side (and have one remaining on the right), you should be ready to begin row #1 in chart. Before that, pick and purl 4 sts between the needles (the picked-up stitches will be part of panel D). Work across the instep stitches. In the back, pick up and purl 5 sts between the needles (this completes the other D panel), k2tog the last remaining gusset stitch and the next stitch, and follow row #1 of chart starting with panel A. Work 17 sts, M1 purlwise, and work to the end of the heel stitches. All this crazy-making maneuvering should make the k2tbl’s flow seamlessly from the slipped stitches. Work leg until desired length. (Skip instructions for calf increases if you wish.)

Calf Increases

When cuff measures about 20 cm (7.8”), start cuff increases. On every 8th row, increase 2 sts in the calf only three times:

  1. M1 purlwise on each side of panel B. Work 7 rows.

  2. M1 purlwise after panel A and before panel C. Work 7 rows.

  3. M1 purlwise after first D panel and before second D panel.

Total 6 sts increased. In the final row (row #16) before starting ribbing, decrease the increased stitch by purling 2tog with the preceding or following purl stitch.


When cuff measures about 28 cm (11”), start k2tbl, p1 ribbing. On the first row, decrease 20 sts by knitting every consecutive 2 knit stitches tog tbl and purling every consecutive 2 purl stitches tog. Work 14 rows (or until you run out of yarn :) in ribbing. Bind off using modified Russian bind-off.

If you’re still sane at this point (and even if you’re not…), put on your new socks and do a happy dance!

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