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Gleams in the Darkness

Some spinning for a change. This is what I had on the wheel when the Greenwood Fiberworks club package came in the mail. Needless to say, there was a big flurry of activity to get it off to make way for the Downton Abbey spin-along.

I was reading The Hobbit while I started spinning this, and ran into this passage in the book that perfectly described the yarn I was getting:

They slept all closely huddled together, and took it in turns to watch; and when it was Bilbo’s turn he would see gleams in the darkness round them, and sometimes pairs of yellow or red or green eyes would stare at him from a little distance, and then slowly fade and disappear and slowly shine out again in another place. And sometimes they would gleam down from the branches just above him; and that was most terrifying.

I had 100 g of dark brown wool top and 50 g each of green and purple. I tore the tops into small strips about the length of an arm, divided them into three piles of about equal weight, and spun them in the order brown-purple-brown-green-brown etc. Spun the singles onto three bobbins to make 3-ply yarn.

This was my first time three-plying and it took a while to get my feet and hands in order. Considering the amount of frustration, the skeins turned out pretty good. In total, I got 528 m/200 g or 577 yd/7 oz of about sport-weight yarn (16 WPI).

Skein 1

  • Yardage: 240 m / 260 yd

  • Skein weight: 90 g / 3.2 oz

  • Yarn weight: 267 m/100 g or 1323 ypp

  • WPI: 16

  • Plies: Three-ply

Skein 2

  • Yardage: 288 m / 314 yd

  • Skein weight: 110 g / 3.9 oz

  • Yarn weight: 262 m/100 g or 1299 ypp

  • WPI: 16

  • Plies: Three-ply with the end of the third bobbin navajo plied

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