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Tour de Fleece 2012 Wrap-up

Time for a Tour de Fleece 2012 wrap-up.

From left to right, the three skeins I completed, all washed and labeled.

  • Metro, 270 m/113 g (295 yd/4 oz) of 2-ply worsted weight (WPI 9-10)

  • Mixed Finnsheep, 140 m/104 g (153 yd/3.7 oz) of 2-ply worsted weight (WPI 9)

  • Electric Flamingo, 680 m/99 g (740 yd/3.5 oz) of 2-ply lace weight (WPI 25-30)

Total spinning time was 37 hours 8 minutes – that’s an average of 1 hour and 37 minutes each day.

This was my first year doing the Tour and I'll definitely do it again next year! Maybe I could spin for a sweater next time?

#spinning #TourdeFleece #ElectricFlamingo #GreenwoodFiberworks #TDF2012 #Metro #finnsheep #merino #BFL #Polwarth

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