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Fiber Dyeing

A couple of weeks ago me and three friends of mine got together to knit, chat, eat chocolate mud cake and — most importantly — to dye some fiber! We had three acid dyes at our disposal (well, four but we ended up using only three of them): yellow, green, and teal. It’s amazing how different the fiber braids turned out with just three colors!

This is/was natural Polwarth, now dyed with teal and dark green. I’ve dubbed it Lagoon.

Then there’s this. The fiber base was grey something called Nordland, which apparently is a region in Northern Norway. I haven’t been able to find out if this is a sheep breed or just a common name for wool coming from this particular region (like Falkland). The wool is very hairy and coarse and, undyed, wasn’t very appealing. But dyed up… Very dramatic! I call this Swamp.

Hairy! I haven’t spun long wools before so this is going to be very interesting…

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