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Startitis Week

Phew, I’ve been gone for so long! Christmas knitting happened, then I hit a bit of a computer snag, and now I have a big backlog of FO’s to show. Let’s get back to knitting!

A couple of friends of mine had a No Cast-on January: for the entire month of January you could only work on WIPs and not cast on any new projects. I was sort of playing along: finished all my WIPS and the one languishing UFO I had, and cast on new projects only once I was finished with the previous one. (Well, mostly. One time I needed a social knitting project and a lace shawl with seed beads just wasn’t… sane.)

To balance out the universe, the first week of February I’m having a…

Startitis Week!

Startitis Week begins February 1st and culminates on February 7th with the beginning of Ravellenic Games 2014. I’m planning to cast on a new project every day for seven days. :)

The first thing to go on the needles is a lace shawl with Dyeforwool BFL in a gorgeous purple so dark it’s nearly impossible to photograph. I was looking for a shawl that was not triangle shaped, garter stitch, with a lace edging, maybe beads… and found Winter Bloom in my Rav library. Perfect!

Anyone else up for Startitis Week? :)

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