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In our tiny but tight-knit (ha ha) knitting group, we did a sock swap for Christmas. Everyone knew who everyone else was knitting for but the socks were secret.

I drew a friend who looooves yellow so the color was an easy pick. She also said she doesn’t like lacy socks patterns so I opted for a more graphical, almost architectural design. I’d had my eye on this Yarnissima pattern for a long time so now was to time to cast it on.

The end result is quite stunning in the bright color but, boy was this a frustrating knit. The stitch pattern is quite easily memorizable but there are lots of revisions for the pattern. And the heel (where you do p2tog tbl) was the most annoying thing I’ve ever done. No wonder the difficulty curve on Ravelry is skewed to the deeper end.

Still, the socks are gorgeous and the recipient loved them! I just wouldn’t knit them again.

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