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Gradient Pear

This was the fastest project from buying the wool (July 18) to starting spinning it (July 30) to a finished handspun (August 2) to an FO (August 21)!

The finished yarn didn’t turn out quite as gradient as I’d wanted but I still wanted to knit it all into one piece. Bosc Pear is a free shawl pattern designed for gradient yarns. It also seemed like a very easy design to upsize so I could use all the lovely handspun I had, down to the last inches (I ended up have 1 gram left over).

  • On Ravelry: Bosc Pear

  • Pattern: Bosc Pear by Tetiana Otruta

  • Yarn: 502 m (549 yards) of handspun Grey Shetland from Northbound Knitting

  • Needles: 4.5 mm

  • Mods: Added an 8th repeat, then knitted rows 25-36 twice and rows 25-30 once before the garter edge.

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