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Taming the Tiger

You know how the call of the variegated sock yarn can sometimes be too much to resist. It looks so enticing on the skein but knitted up, a horrible mess of pooling and flashing. What I decided to do was to tame that wild beast by combining it with a solid neutral. Twice.

What about jogless stripes, you ask? Two much of a fuss, in my opinion. Just do a purl column on each side seam and you’ll never know where the color change is.

  • On Ravelry: Rainbow in the Dark

  • Pattern: Basic toe-up sock in sport weight (52 sts) with Widdershins Revisited heel, calf increases and one-row stripes

  • Yarn: Main color 200 m/219 yd of Novita Nalle in #044 Graphite, contrast color 143/156 yd of Novita Nalle Taika in color #852

  • Needles: 3.0 mm

#knitting #socks #toeup #stripes #selfstriping #variegated

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