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WIP Wednesday: All the WIPs I Want

Those of you following me on Instagram might have seen me mention that I couldn’t cast on any new projects before February 1st. Me and my friends made a pact to have a no-cast-on January. The rules were simple:

  1. No casting on until all WIPs have been completed.*

  2. Only one cast-on at a time, in other words, project monogamy until that project is finished.

I actually did get all my WIPs done during the first two weeks of January and was able to cast on Joji Locatelli’s Old Romance… and then was stuck with it for the rest of the month. It did see some progress, though. All the fiddly bits that were in the beginning of the pattern are now done and it’s mindless stockinette from now on until the button bands.

BUT! It’s now February and I can have all the WIPs I want! I got slightly obsessed with two mystery colorwork mittens and got spoiled on Instagram. All the clues were already released by the time I was able to cast on but that only meant an opportunity to plan the colors ahead of time. Some mystery! :D

Lastly, I dug out these three skeins of DROPS ♥ YOU 3 wool/alpaca blend and cast on a shawl. Too bad the yarn was a limited edition because it’s lovely to work with. I’ve been searching for the right pattern for these for a while now with no luck. Then I realized the solution is simple: I need to come up with a pattern myself! We’ll see how this pans out…

*) All knit and crochet WIPs, that is. Luckily sewing didn’t count because I have a pile of sewing WIPs. Spinning was also exempt.

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