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When You Assume, You Make…

Pretty awesome socks, actually!

I’ve admired Cookie A’s sock designs for years but rarely knit them. Not because they look super complicated – which they do – but in my opinion, they’ve all got a big flaw: they’re done cuff down!

Earlier in the summer I was looking for a pattern for this awesome skein of sock yarn I’d dyed and, over and over again, kept coming back to Kai-Mei. I bit the bullet (and hated every moment of the cast on) but the cuff was just smooth sailing. All the interesting stuff happens after the heel turn: there’s a big firefly lace motif that starts at the side of the foot and then slowly curves over the instep.

Or it should. For some reason, I stopped reading the instructions after the gusset decreases and just assumed I knew how the pattern would continue. My fireflies don’t slowly curve over the instep – they fly straight down from heel to toe. For a second there I considered ripping back when I realized my mistake but, meh… they’re pretty awesome this way! :)

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