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Every year, The Yarniacs Podcast host a Colors of Fall KAL. The KAL runs from Summer Solstice to Fall Equinox and the idea is to knit something in the Pantone fall colors so that your have something seasonally appropriate in your handmade wardrobe when the fall season starts.

One of this year’s colors was Bodacious, a dusky mauve-ish pink that’s the exact color of a sewn tunic I have. To up the ante, I decided to dye some sock yarn to match and then knit a pair of socks for the KAL.

The yarn turned out a much more intense fuchsia-pink than Bodacious but I loved it. It was just screaming to become a pair of lovely textured socks. In my queue there was a pattern that looked just right – and it didn’t hurt that the sample was also knitted in pink yarn: Here Be Dragons.

The stitch pattern is lovely but for some reason I kept making mistakes and had to rip back a lot. And the socks are just tad too long for me – I think I would’ve been fine with the size Small.

The pattern is well written but there are a lot of charts and you have to pay attention to what chart to use at which point. I especially love the heel detail: the scale pattern emerges slowly from the reinforced heel. The good thing is that you don’t have to figure out when to start that – the designer has done all the thinking and calculations for you. Just follow the charts!

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