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Swamp Monster Does Socks

Remember last summer when I got bit by the dyeing bug?

I love all the greens but I have two absolute favorites: a bright, granny apple green and this murky, swampy, muddy green. I’d kettle dyed this one with olive green with some black overtones. I named it (him?) Swamp Monster.

Earlier this summer I was looking for yarn for a summery sock design and thought of this! The color goes so well with the leaf pattern on the socks. It’s (semi)solid enough to let the stitch pattern shine but it’s got some interesting color variations as well.

The intertwining leaves are made with a lace-and-cables stitch pattern (more lace than cables!) that’s super easy to memorize. The yarn was a joy to knit with and — if I do say so myself — the dye job was pretty bang on. And the resulting sock pattern, Interleaved, is out now!

Interleaved were inspired by the lush foliage at the height of summer when everything in nature is at its fullest. The socks are knitted from the toe up in the round. The pattern features a gusset-and-flap heel construction that doesn’t require picking up stitches. Right and left socks are identical and can be worked two-at-a-time. The pattern is written with both metric and US terminology. Both written and charted instructions are given for the the stitch patterns.

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