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Snows of Winters Past

These mittens are yet another proof that I completely suck at mystery knit-alongs. This time I didn't even cast on until after the mystery part was over. Not only that, second-mitt syndrome hit hard and I finished the mittens a full year later.

The good thing about starting late was that I could plan my colors beforehand. I used margreet's project as color inspiration and picked out the same colors in my go-to yarn for stranded knitting: Tukuwool Fingering.

What finally made me pick up the project again after many months was this little gadget that revolutionized my colorwork knitting: a yarn guide made by Finnish blacksmith-ress (is that a word?) Sanni Lehtinen. She was vending at the Jyväskylä Knit Festival this July and sold out her inventory on the first day! No wonder — this thing is not only handy, it's also a beauty to look at.

  • On Ravelry: Winter Snows

  • Pattern: Winter Snows MKAL by Kathy Lewinski

  • Yarn: Tukuwool Fingering, colors Ruura (MC), Sake (CC1), and Murai (CC2)

  • Needles: 2.0 mm

  • Mods: 1x1 twisted rib for 12 rows, knit across one row before starting the colorwork pattern, and lengthened thumbs by two rows

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