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Falling for Fall

Fall is here! For me, the start of September always means the beginning of a new knitting season. The long, languid summer days might be over but I get a wave of excitement for the return of cooler weather that brings with it new ideas, new patterns, and lovely new yarns.

For the fall I wanted to design a pattern that evokes those bright and brisk days: Emmer Wheat Socks. I ran across this stitch pattern that brings to mind wheat fields and old-fashioned sheaves of grain basking in the golden sun at harvest time. It was just too beautiful to pass up.

The yarn is something truly wonderful: a sturdy yet soft BFL/nylon blend that is just perfect for socks. I asked Ninni of iKKe Yarns if she could dye a lovely straw yellow yarn for the pattern and boy, did she deliver! The Magna Carta colorway captured my vision for the pattern/yarn combination exactly.

iKKe BFL Sock in 'Magna Carta'

The socks are worked from the toe-up in a softly undulating lace and cables pattern that is foot hugging, giving a snug fit. The pattern features my favorite Widdershins Revisited heel construction: a gusset that is anatomically fitting and pleasing to look at, a reversed round heel with shaping in all the right places, and — best of all — a heel flap that doesn’t require picking up stitches. (If you've knit any of my sock patterns, you know I love this heel.) Right and left socks are identical, perfect for working the socks two at a time.

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