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Tiger Stripes

I don't mean to scare you but it's three months till Christmas. What a great time to reminisce about last year's advent calendar mystery shawl, the Satakieli MKAL.

Satakieli is a semicircular shawl designed by Heidi Alander of Sadelma Knits. The pattern came out in 12 clues released every other day, starting December 1st.

The shawl uses five different colors and only the yardages were revealed so no one really knew what the finished shawl would look like. I wanted to play it safe and choose colors I knew I had enough of. After a bit of stash diving I came up with these — four colors of DROPS Alpaca and Isager Alpaca 1 in black. They looked bright and happy together but when I started knitting...

Satakieli MKAL Take 1

I didn't like the color combination. AT ALL. I don't know whether it was the eye-searing brightness of the turquoise of the stark contrast of black and the other colors but it was starting to look a little too much 1990s windbreaker. I'd made it only up to Clue 3 so rip, rip, rip it out it was!

Satakieli MKAL Take 1

Stash diving again I found warm colors: a yellow and two types of leftover oranges that were very, very close to each other and could be substituted if I ran out of yarn (which I eventually did). Switching just two of the five colors changed the color palette completely! Muuuuch better.

Satakieli MKAL Take 2

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