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Rustwing Returns

It's very rare that I knit the same pattern twice, let alone one of my own patterns. To tell you the truth, this shawl was going in a Christmas gift swap among my knitting circle but we decided to scrap the Secret Santa thing because it was stressing everyone out. And no one wants any more stress, especially this time of the year. I'd already gotten the yarn and was planning to re-knit the shawl anyway and now I get to keep it all to myself! Not complaining.


Rustwing is made of soothing garter stitch, stripes, and a striking contrast color border. Even better, the shawl is knitted with absolutely no purl stitches.

The stripes section is so mindless to knit it's super easy to forget to do an increase here or a decrease there. How easy? So easy I did it on both my samples. The pattern includes helpful tips on fudging the stitch count when you get to the border. No one's going to know!


This shawl was first released a year ago in November 2017 for a lace-weight yarn. The pattern has now been updated: the new pattern includes revised instructions to make a larger sized shawl in fingering weight, new photos, and a fresh clean look. And for Finnish knitters: huiviohjeen saa nyt myös suomenkielisenä.


The smaller size, knitted in lace weight, measures approx. 180 x 40 cm / 5'11" x 15¾". The large size in fingering is a whopping 200 x 50 cm / 6'7" x 19¾".

Rustwing Size Comparison

Large size

Small size

If you missed Rustwing during the Giftalong 2017 sale week, you can still get it at a discount. Join my mailing list and I'll send you the coupon!

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