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Yarngrimoire Sock Blank in "Mad Tea Party"

Last fall at the same retreat these socks were photographed, I purchased a crazy colorful sock blank from the Finnish indie dyer Yarngrimoire. This acid-trippy blank is aptly named "Mad Tea Party".

Knitting the first pair of blanks was so much fun I had a hard time resisting casting this one on immediately. A few weeks later I was looking for a super simple project and this was it: the perfect movie knitting project.

Sock blank socks in Yarngrimoire "Mad Tea Party"

The socks went to see both Blade Runner 2049 and Star Wars Episode VIII but then life intervened, I cast on other projects, and the poor socks had to wait until spring to be picked up again.

I love how the toes start very modestly and then — BOOM — color happens!

Sock blank socks in Yarngrimoire "Mad Tea Party"

I also love how the two heels are like night and day: one with bright yellows and greens.

Sock blank socks in Yarngrimoire "Mad Tea Party"

And the other with dark purples and blues. (I think I prefer this blu-rple heel.) To highlight the short color changes in the yarn, I used linen stitch for the heel flaps.

Sock blank socks in Yarngrimoire "Mad Tea Party"


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Go Ask Alice

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