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One-row Buttonholes [TUTORIAL]

Tutorial: One-row Buttonholes

A few months back I asked my blog readers what types of knitting tutorials they'd like to see. One of most requested category was finishing techniques, including buttonholes.

My favorite method for doing buttonholes on a knitted garment is the one-row buttonhole. It is

To do this buttonhole you also need to know who to do the yarnless bind-off and the knitted cast-on. The yarnless bind-off is very firm compared to the regular lifted bind-off which makes the one-row buttonhole extra secure: it will not stretch and flare out over time.

Ready for the tutorial? Here we go!

Step 1: Work to buttonhole.

1. Work in pattern to where you want to place the buttonhole. (Here I've worked the button band in two-by-two rib.) Drop the working yarn — just leave it behind the work for the next few steps.

In steps 2–5 you're going to bind off as many stitches as is the width of your buttonhole using the yarnless bind-off. (In this tutorial I'm doing a two-stitch wide buttonhole.)

Step 2: Slip next 2 sts purlwise.

2. Slip the next two stitches purlwise onto the right needle.

Step 3: Bind off 1 stitch with the yarnless bind-off.

3. Pass the second stitch on the right needle over the first.

Step 4: Slip next stitch purlwise.

4. Slip the next stitch purlwise onto the right needle.

5. Yarnless BO the next stitch.

5. Again, pass the second stitch over the first.

If you're doing a wider buttonhole, repeat steps 4–5 until you've bound off as many stitches as is the width of your buttonhole.

Step 6: Place first stitch on right back to left.

6. Place the first stitch on the right needle back onto the left needle. You now have the bound-off stitches between the needles (2 stitches in the above photo).

Step 7: Turn work.

7. Turn the work so that you have the wrong side facing. Pick up the working yarn again and move it to the back.

Step 8: Cast on as many sts as you bound off + one extra stitch.

8. Using knitted cast-on, cast on as many stitches as you bound off + one extra stitch (here 3 stitches).

Step 9: Turn work.

9. Turn the work again so that you have the right side facing. The stitches you have just cast on are on the right needle.

Step 10: Place the first stitch on the right back to the left needle.

10. Place the first stitch on the right needle (the last stitch you just cast on) back onto the left needle.

Step 11: Work the first 2 sts together.

11. Now work the first two stitches together. This creates a very stable edge for the buttonhole. (Depending on the pattern on your button band this might be a K2tog or P2tog.)

Completed one-row buttonhole

And there you have it: one buttonhole completed! To make the buttonhole extra firm, on the next row back work the stitches above the buttonhole (the ones you created using the knitted cast-on) through the back loops.


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One-row Buttonholes [Tutorial]

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