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Late Harvest Socks

Socks have been my go-to brainless knitting project this year. Whenever I've needed a simple, easy-to-carry project for a car trip or movie knitting, I've cast on a pair of new socks. Mostly plain vanilla — although my mind has wandered on occasion — to let the yarn or color do its thing.

Late Harvest Socks

This yarn was a souvenir from a trip me and my knitting buddies took to see the yarn stores in a nearby town. I guess grass is greener on the other side, or in this case, purpler! Schoppelwolle Wunderklecks is a handpainted commercial yarn (what an oxymoron!) that's dyed like a sock blank, then unraveled and wound unto a ball.

Schoppelwolle Wunderklecks, colorway "Spätlese"

The yarn has a little bit of kinking from having been knit up but nothing too bad — definitely not the clown hair effect you get from frogging a project. The 75/25 wool/nylon content doesn't make it the softest of yarns but I'll bet the socks wear like iron.

Late Harvest Socks... and they match my shoes!

I fell in love with this colorway the moment I saw it. It is a deep, rich, very dark reddish purple with hints of gray, blue-purple, and black. The colorway is named Spätlese which means 'Late Harvest' in German. I guess it does look like someone's been stomping in a grape vat in wool socks. ;)

This time I kept the socks really simple: toe up with 64 sts, Widdershins Revisited heel with a reinforced (slip stitch) heel flap, stockinette foot and leg, and an inch of 1x1 twisted rib at the top.

Late Harvest Socks

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Late Harvest Socks

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