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Tilly's Socks

Tilly's Socks :: sock knitting pattern

Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery is drawing close to it's conclusion so you know what time it is: time for another pair of Trek-inspired socks!

These socks are named after and inspired by the frizzy-haired, socially-awkward, brilliant-minded Ensign Sylvia Tilly. It was great to see Tilly get some well-deserved screen time and character development for a few episodes. I feel like far too often she's relegated to a comic-relief, one-liner spewing role. But I digress.

Tilly's Socks :: sock knitting pattern

Tilly's Socks are a beautiful, curly pair of lace socks knit from the toe up in fingering-weight sock yarn. I used a classic 75/25 wool/nylon sock blend in a super bright, vitamin C bursting colorway aptly named Satsuma.

The socks feature two lace patterns that are based on a K3, P2 rib stitch, which makes the socks really stretchy. Additionally, both foot and leg length are adjustable to your foot measurements so the socks can comfortably fit a wide range of foot shapes and sizes even if the pattern only comes in one size (64 sts).

The cuffs are worked in a twisted rib pattern, ensuring the socks stay up snugly. As usual, instructions for all stitch patterns are given both as charts as well as row-by-row written instructions.

Tilly's Socks :: sock knitting pattern

The heel flap is something I've never done before: fully patterned using the same lace pattern that's used on the top of the foot as well as on the leg. The stitch pattern just flows up the leg with no transition — you can't really tell where the heel flap stops and the leg starts.

Other than that the heel is made in my usual construction with gusset increases and simultaneous short rows and increases at the bottom of the heel.

Tilly's Socks :: sock knitting pattern

You can get a copy of the Tilly's Socks pattern on Ravelry. Share your Tillys on Instagram with the hashtags #tillyssocks, #socktrekdiscovery, and #talviknits.

photo © CBS

I've got some idea who I want to do next but whose socks do you want to see? Vote for your favorite Star Trek: Discovery character to be included in the Sock Trek: Discovery series.

Tilly's Socks :: sock knitting pattern

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Tilly's Socks :: sock knitting pattern

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