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Tweed Is Still the New Black

My favorite thing to wear all year round is a tunic with leggings — it's practically become my uniform. But I've discovered a curious hole in my wardrobe: I don't have any handknit tunics or sweater dresses! High time to fix that.

Tweed Is Still the New Black :: tunic knitting pattern

Tweed Is Still the New Black is an updated, tunic-length version of my favorite cozy tweed sweater, Tweed Is the New Black. Released around this time last year, Tweed Is the New Black is a relaxed, unisex pullover with garter stitch details.

Garter stitch details in the raglan seams

I wanted to update the sweater design into something a little sleeker and more feminine. Tweed is Still the New Black sports the same garter-stitch accents in the raglan seams, down the sides, on the hem and cuffs, and around the neckline. But compared to Tweed Is the New Black, this sweater-dress version is curvier: waist shaping on the tunic is more figure hugging, yet the A-lined hem is comfortable to wear and allows for freedom of movement.

Deep garter stitch cuffs

The sleeves are also slimmer in shape. The deep garter-stitch cuffs employ a neat little trick for knitting jogless garter stitch in the round.

Tweed Is Still the New Black :: tunic knitting pattern

Knitted in fingering-weight yarn, this tunic is amazingly light. My deep teal-colored sample is made in the (sadly discontinued) Rowan Rowanspun 4ply and weighs just 226 grams! (Rowan, if you're reading this: this or Fine Tweed? Please bring them back! Best wishes, me.) This makes the garment an ideal thing to wear year round. It's warm enough even in a chilly office without being stuffy.

Set-in pockets on the Tweed Is Still the New Black tunic

In addition to the curvy, feminine shaping there's another addition to the tunic-length Tweed Is Still the New Black. You know how I love my pockets so there's a hidden gem in the front of the tunic: two set-in pockets. They're easy to leave out, too, if you're not too keen on pockets! But they are ever so practical.

Set-in pockets on the Tweed Is Still the New Black tunic

Tweed Is Still the New Black comes in 9 sizes, XS to 5X. And I've updated the sweater pattern too! Tweed Is the New Black is now size inclusive, too.

Share photos of your lovely creations on Instagram with the hashtags #tweedisstillthenewblack and #talviknits!


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Tweed Is Still the New Black :: tunic knitting pattern

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