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For the past couple of year's I've been in the habit of releasing a new pattern for Christmas and this year is no exception. But this year's Christmas release is not just one new pattern, it's FOUR.

Hibernia was the name given by the ancient Romans to the island of Ireland, the land of winter. The Hibernia Quartet is a set of four DK-weight accessories rife with cables and ancient lore. The focal point of each of the patterns is an interlocking cable with a moss stitch center.

The name for the patterns comes from the Latin word hibernus, of or pertaining to winter. And it's of course the root for the word hibernation, to pass winter in a state of (metabolic) inactivity. Wouldn't we all just want to curl up under the covers for the winter months?

The four patterns in Hibernia Quartet are a beanie, mittens, fingerless mitts, and a headband. They all feature the same central cable and they all come in two sizes, fit for ladies and gents alike. Instructions for the cable patterns are given in both written and charted formats.

Hibernia Beanie starts with a long, ribbed brim and can be worn two ways: watch cap style with the long ribbing folded up along a hidden line or with the brim turned down for super slouch. You can add an optional pom pom on top... which I forgot to do before taking the above photos.

Here it is! I did contrasting-colored pom poms: gray for the yellow and yellow for the gray.

Hibernia Mittens feature an all-over cable pattern that runs on both sides of the mittens, making them extra squishy and warm. The mittens are also super long! They're great to tuck either inside or over the sleeves of your winter coat so your wrists won't feel the chill either.

Hibernia Mitts are a simplified version of the mittens. They're both shorter and they have cable only at the back of the hand, making them quite quick to knit. The ornate cable flows seamlessly from the cuff and into the top ribbing. The palm side is worked entirely in reverse stockinette.

All the other patterns in the collection are worked in the round but the headband is an exception. It's worked sideways in flat, then seamed together in the end. The cable has a little twist not seen in the other patterns: it changes direction at the center front and continues as a mirror image. Hibernia Headband also comes with instructions for adjusting the size to your measurements.

All four patterns in the collection are available on Ravelry as single downloads (beanie, mittens, fingerless mitts, headband) and as a four-pattern e-book. As my Christmas present to you, you can get 25% off the entire collection! Join my mailing list by the end of the year 2019 and you'll get a Ravelry coupon code in the welcome email.

And to kick off the knitting year 2020 on the right foot, I'm hosting HiberniaKAL on Ravelry and on Instagram. Check out my Ravelry group for more information on how to join.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020!

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