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Last fall I designed Evergrey Mitts for a lovely indie dyed tweed yarn, Kässäkerho Pom Pom Donegal Sock. After the mitts I had quite a bit of yarn left over, plenty to make a pair of socks. And the lace pattern I’d used in the mitts was so lovely, it deserved another pattern. Hence – Evergrey Socks.

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Evergrey Socks were designed to match Evergrey Mitts. The beautiful twisted-stitches-and-lace stitch pattern reminded me of a forest floor covered in fallen needles. The lace pattern looks intricate but is quite intuitive to execute.

The socks are knitted from the toe up in the round using either DPNs or magic loop. The pattern features my favorite gusset-and-flap heel construction that doesn’t require picking up stitches. Instructions are provided to adjust the length of the foot and leg to your measurements and preferences. Right and left socks are mirror images of each other and can be worked two-at-a-time.

The socks are available in two sizes: 56 and 70 stitches. The twisted-stitch pattern is stretchy and foot hugging, giving a comfortable fit on a wide range of foot sizes.

Both socks and mitts are also available in a two-pattern e-book, Evergrey Duo.

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