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Wow! I Did It!

I finished another pair of socks in just four days. The Flame Wave Socks are the fastest pair I’ve ever knit. Cast on Friday morning, cast off Monday evening.

  • On Ravelry: Flame Wave Socks

  • Pattern: Flame Wave Socks by Ann Budd from Favorite Socks, size: woman

  • Yarn: 64 g of Apleks Superwash in yellow

  • Needles: 2.5 mm and 3.0 mm 80 cm aluminum circular needles

  • Mods: The usual: worked toe-up, Revisited Widdershins heel. Started slip-stitch reinforcing for the heel at the same time as the gusset increases. The pattern instructs you to do the upper half of the cuff on larger needles (which I did) but I then switched back to smaller needles and did 3 rows of garter stitch before binding off.

  • Other: Summer of Socks 2007 pair #3

Maybe I’m doing something wrong but to me the stitch pattern looks kind of messy. There are a few rows in the stitch pattern where I think there must be an error – the flow of the pattern is disrupted. I think the flames would look better if the M1’s were YO’s instead, and I’d like to tweak the placement of some of the decreases a bit.

Another thing is that the socks tend to twist like a corkscrew. That bit where the bind-off row starts and ends twists from the side of the leg to the front – just about the most visible place possible!

The yarn was not my favorite It’s very loosely plied 2-ply which means that there was some splitting. It’s also quite unforgiving: knits up unevenly and shows every imperfection. It also feels coarse to knit but when they’re on, they’re much less itchy than I expected. Odd, that.

Tomorrow is the official launch day of Sockdown: Ravelry. I think I’m going with lace.

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