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Simplest Things

Sometimes it doesn't need to be fancy to be an enjoyable project. In fact, the simplest things can make for the most pleasurable knits.

This spring, I attended a yarn tasting hosted by my LYS, TitiTyy, where we had the opportunity to sample new and upcoming products: Prym Ergonomics double-pointed flexible needles with a teardrop shaped tip and three new yarn varieties

We each got just a few grams to play with and I was racking my brains with what to turn the yarns into. Just a swatch? A potholder? Boring.

A friend attending the same yarn tasting was showing off her latest project, super-simple striped arm warmer tubes. A-ha! Perfect for yarn tasting: I could combine all three varieties in the same project. And the perfect knit for those days when a short-sleeved shirt is just a teeny bit chilly.

  • On Ravelry: Hukkaputki

  • Pattern: No pattern! CO 56 sts, 8 rounds of 1x1 twisted rib, then three-round stripes and tapered decreases at the end. Throw in a few garter-stitch rounds and colorwork at random intervals.

  • Yarn: a total of 173 m / 189 yd of Knitlob's Lair Kuutar in Mustikka (Blueberry) & Kytöläinen II in Aave (Ghost) with a few grams of Holst Garn Tides in Fuchia [sic]

  • Needles: 2.5 mm


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