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It Started with a Sketch: Pontefract

Spring is coming: what a better way to celebrate it than with little pops of color and a new favorite cardi!

Pontefract :: cardigan knitting pattern

Pontefract is a simple top-down cardigan that goes with everything, perfect for any occasion. Add some interest to this wardrobe essential with a color popping yoke detail. This fingering-weight cardigan is easy to knit but there's lots of shaping detail to create a finely crafted and well-fitting garment. The scoop neck is shaped with short rows: the back is raised and the front lowered to create a rounded neckline that's comfortable to wear.

The yoke is a combination of a circular yoke coupled with short raglan increases. The round yoke is adorned with a very easy garter stitch and eyelet detail knit in the contrasting color. In fact it's so easy you don't need any charts for this pattern!

Pontefract :: cardigan knitting pattern

Once you're done with the yoke, the rest of the body and sleeves are knit in stockinette in the main color. Waist shaping is used to give this cardigan a subtle hourglass shape.

Pontefract :: cardigan knitting pattern

The cuffs are done in garter stitch as is the hem. I just love the look of a deep garter stitch band! The front bands are all done in one go, picking up stitches from both the fronts and around the neck edge.

Pontefract :: cardigan knitting pattern

Another shaping detail is to do mitered corners at the top neck edges. This creates crisp, squared edges that stand up nicely — kind of like a Mandarin collar but not as high on the neck.

Pontefract :: cardigan knitting pattern

The cardigan is finished with another pop of color: an i-cord edging knit in the contrasting color. Button loops are created as you do the edging so there's no need to go back and sew them in later. This creates a fun, off-center buttoning for the cardigan. The pattern includes a step-by-step photo tutorial for knitting the i-cord button loops.

Hand-drawn sketch for the Pontefract cardigan pattern

Pontefract is now available on Payhip, LoveCrafts, and Ravelry (seizure warning!). I'd love to see your version of the cardigan so do share on Instagram with the hashtags #pontefractcardi and #talviknits.


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Pontefract is a top down fingering weight cardigan featuring stripes of garter stitch and eyelets on the yoke. Short row shaping is used to create a scooped neckline whereas waist shaping gives this hip length cardigan a subtle hourglass curve. The garter stitch front bands are finished with an attached i-cord edging and button loops, giving an edgy color pop. This cardigan knitting pattern comes in 7 sizes from XS to 3XL. #knitting #knit #knittingpatterns #talviknits #yoke

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