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Ottobre Design Fall 2018 Favorites

The latest issue of the Ottobre Design Woman sewing magazine arrived in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago. I've been subscribing to the magazine for a couple of years now, and while I eagerly await the release of each issue, I haven't been sewing the patterns as much as I'd like to. Maybe it's high time to change that?

The newest issue (5/2018) contains 19 women's garment patterns plus photos of a Paperbag clutch pattern that's available free on Ottobre Lab.

Ottobre Design 5/2018 Rosy Dreams

The biggest trend this season — and Ottobre is very in line with the Big Four on this — is big, poofy statement sleeves. My favorite pattern of the entire issue is a raglan jersey dress (and a sweatshirt using the same pattern) with balloon sleeves with the lower part of the sleeve pleated into the upper part. While I love the rest of the dress, the sleeves are a big turn-off. But Ottobre have done the wise thing and included a regular straight sleeve pattern as well.

This one's is the first to go under the presser foot once I find the right fabric for it. It's got pockets, how could I resist?

Ottobre Design 5/2018 Evening Surprise

This otherwise ordinary-looking V-neck top has massive flared cuffs in satin. You could make a cute three-quarter-sleeve top if you left out the flared parts. But there's also a boat neck version of the top that, again, comes with a regular sleeve pattern piece. Big thumbs up to Ottobre for thinking beyond what's hot right now!

Three dresses from Ottobre Design 5/2018

The next three favorites are all dresses: a jacquard knit with a faux wrap bodice, a very streamlined and slim gray number in ponte, and a panel dress in print viscose. I feel like I've been seeing the pleated side panels on dresses quite a bit lately. The wrap-bodice dress is definitely a one to try, and the neckline looks nicely modest. You always gotta be a little careful with wrap dresses not to show too much. (I also love that these dresses are shown on a plus-sized model.)

Ottobre Design 5/2018 cover & Autumn Warmer hoodie

The cover hoodie also caught my attention. It's made with a merino wool knit, worn with quite a bit of ease, and ties around the waist. I get cold very easily and don't like to wear cardigans — knitted or sewn — that you can't close at the front but this looks like something cozy and warm to throw on on cold fall mornings over your jammies. The pattern is aptly named Autumn Warmer.

The issue also includes four pairs of pants, two coats, a kimono, sleeveless top and a blouse in silk, a shirt dress, and a half-slip. You can see photos of all the patterns in the video below.

The magazine is available in 7 languages and comes out 7 times a year (4 kids' issues, 2 women's, 1 men's/family) with different subscription models. You can also purchase single back issues from the Ottobre online shop.


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Ottobre Design Fall 2018 Favorites

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