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Hygged by a Polar Bear

Hygge Days sweater, knit in Sandnes Garn Kos

The Hygge Days KAL ran from December 25 to the end of February, and it was so amazing seeing your finished sweaters popping up on Ravelry, Instagram, and Facebook. I even spotted two live during the Knit Fest Winter weekend!

Hygge Days sweater, knit in Sandnes Garn Kos

My second Hygge Days was knit in Sandnes Garn Kos (62% baby alpaca, 9% wool, 29% nylon), which is a pretty identical yarn compared to the DROPS Air used in the original sample. I had my mind set on a comforting medium gray Hygge but changed my choice when I spotted this color in the yarn store. It's not exactly white but not entirely gray either — more like natural interspersed with tiny strands of ever so slightly darker strands. To me it looks like the fur of a polar bear.

Hygge Days sweater, knit in Sandnes Garn Kos

And the sweater is so cozy and warm it feels like being hugged by a fuzzy teddy bear. (Although, if it were a real bear I guess there'd be more claws and mauling.) This is the perfect sweater to pull on on a cold and gloomy winter's day. Too bad it's starting to turn into spring here so I won't be getting much wear of it this season. But it'll be there next fall...

Hygge Days sweater, knit in Sandnes Garn Kos

I knit the sweater pretty much according to specs. The only change I made was to knit the body slightly longer so that I could use up as much of the six skeins of Kos I'd bought. And in the end I had this much left. Take that, yarn chicken!

Hygge Days sweater, knit in Sandnes Garn Kos


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Hygged by a Polar Bear

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