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In Lavender Lullaby

Summer is a great time for knitting small, quick, and portable things. For me that usually means handknit socks but even socks can get a little tedious after a while. Why not try something a little different that'll still small, quick, and portable: a cowl!

Lavender Lullaby :: cowl knitting pattern

Lavender Lullaby is a cute little cowl that's knit in the round. You can use either a small circular needle, or if that makes your hands cramp, knit it in magic loop. This one-skein wonder of a cowl is perfect for showcasing that special single skein of hand-dyed sport weight in your stash. We all have those, right? I'm not the only one?

Lavender Lullaby :: cowl knitting pattern

The stitch pattern used in the cowl looks deceivingly like cables... but it isn't! To knit the cowl you don't need a cable needle — it's all done with cleverly placed decreases and increases. The stitch pattern is quick to learn and easy to memorize, not to mention quite addictive. And because it's so simple it looks great in variegated as well as in solid yarns. Semi-solids really make it shine. As usual, both written and charted instructions are given for all stitch patterns.

Sport-weight merino/bamboo from Eijan Kudontaputiikki

I used a shiny, drapey merino/bamboo blend from Eijan Kudontaputiikki for my sample. This stitch pattern stretches quite dramatically width-wise and therefore requires a yarn that holds it shape well after blocking. Anything with cotton, bamboo, linen, or silk are ideal. Superwash yarns, too, because they tend to stretch out quite a lot in blocking. If you're planning on using a high-twist, bouncy yarn that springs back after blocking, either go up in needle size or cast on an extra repeat's (or two) worth of stitches. Otherwise you'll end up with a 70s ski neck warmer rather than a cowl.

The height in skiwear fashion in the 1970s

Probably not the look you're going for? 😂

In addition to the width, the cowl length can also easily be adjusted to your liking... or to use up all of that precious one-off skein! Instructions for adjusting the length are included in the pattern.

Lavender Lullaby :: cowl knitting pattern

The pattern for Lavender Lullaby is now available in my Ravelry store and on LoveCrafts. Share your versions on Instagram with the hashtags #lavenderlullabycowl and #talviknits.


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In Lavender Lullaby

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