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Good Riddance, 2020!

Buh-bye, 2020, you will not be missed! Even though it was a pretty miserable year by all standards, here are my highlights from the past 21,900 hours, 365 days, 52 weeks, and 12 months.

In the year 2020, I completed 17 projects and knitted 10.8 kilometers (nearly 12,000 yards) of yarn. My biggest project in terms of yardage was The Comeback Cardigan with 960 m (1,050 yd).

The biggest project that didn't get finished but would've blown all my previous records out of the water was the Scheepjes CAL 2020, the d'Histoire Naturelle crochet blanket designed by Christina Hadderingh. I'm still a few rounds from finishing mine and this monster has already eaten over 3K meters!

The smallest knit was Juhani's socks which took only 278 meters (304 yd) of yarn. It was also the fastest: this pair of socks was completed in the 8 days from January 26 to February 2.

The longest knit was also a pair of socks. The Dr Sockyll and Mr Hide socks took me 178 days (that's 25.5 weeks or 5.7 months!) to complete. Granted, I'd already started them in Fall 2019 at a knitting retreat (remember those?) and finally completed them at the Knitfest Winter 2020 (ditto).

In 2020, I released 15 new knitting patterns: 5 shawls, 4 garments, 4 pairs of socks, and 2 small accessories. Three of those patterns (curiously, all socks) were published in magazines: Evighet, Juhani, and Liisi. Evighet is already available for download, too, and Juhani's and Liisi's socks become available individually in February 2021 when the rights revert back to me.

In 2020 I made all my patterns available for download on Payhip. They've also been available on LoveCrafts since January 2019.

The Most Knitted title this year goes to the 2020 mystery shawl pattern, Trick of the Light, with 104 projects on Ravelry.

Lady of Light wins the Most Favorited contest with over 1.2K hearts on Ravelry. My personal favorite, though, is Golden Assam.

In 2020, I wrote 50 blog posts. The Top 3 most popular posts were:

The longest post with, nearly 10K characters and 1.5K words, was Categorizing Knitting Styles. The discussion on knitting styles will continue a bit later on — I'm still collecting responses to the knitting styles survey.

Which brings me to a little announcement regarding my blogging schedule. I love writing these blog posts but they take quite an effort to put together. Lately I've felt that blogging eats into my designing time and brain power. That's why I'm going to switch to every-other-week blog posts starting January 2021. New blog posts will still come out on Friday, just two weeks apart instead of every week.

What are your knitting plans for 2021? Glad that 2020 is over? Let me know in the comments! 👇


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