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13 Sweaters in 2013: Aleph

Back to last year’s knits.

Last time I posted about 13 Sweaters in 2013, it was November and I was working on my NaKniSweMo cardigan. I did finish the knitting on time but sewed on buttons the 1st of December.

There are a few mistakes in the pattern but no errata on the Twist Collective website. ddboots’ project notes on Ravelry were extremely helpful.

My mods for the yoke made the neckband quite tight but it is like that in the original photo as well. I can see why the cardigan is modeled as a v-neck in the pattern photos. If I could change something in the cardigan, I’d start the front neck sooner and add more short-row shaping to the back.

The pockets are constructed in a very clever way! They’re deep and comfortable, and the cable detail is beautiful. Overall, not flawless but I like it a lot.

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