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Monarch of the Cables

This cabled cardigan was a long, slow project. I started it in Summer 2007 with the overly optimistic (it turns out) idea of getting to wear it in the fall.

I was working on the project on and off – mostly off – all through the fall and winter. It got cast aside every time I found something more interesting, like socks. When Sockdown: Ravelry started to wind down for a breather, I picked up the cardigan again. With one and a half sleeves to go it was a pretty quick finish.

  • On Ravelry: MacPalmikkoneule Cardigan

  • Pattern: MacPalmikkoneule by tupasvillaa

  • Yarn: 12 skeins (600g/1776 yd/1624 m) of Novita Wool in colorway #192 (dark teal)

  • Needles: 3.5 and 4.0 mm circular

  • Mods: Added waist + shoulder shaping and 3-needle bind of for shoulders; folder rib hem; zipper; top-down set-in seamless sleeves with Barbara Walker-esque short-row shaping

I’d neglected to wash my gauge swatch so of course the cardigan grew when I wet-blocked it (hello, superwash). This wasn’t actually a bad thing because it was too snug before blocking. The fit is great now but the fabric is a bit too loose and drapey. And the sleeves are already starting to pill. But I’ve been wearing this a lot. :)

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