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New Knitting Books for Summer 2024

As summer unfolds, a variety of exciting new knitting books are hitting the shelves. And there is a surprisingly large number of interesting titles to look forward — usually not the case in the warm-weather months! In this blog post, take a closer look at some of the upcoming knitting books scheduled for release in the summer months of June, July, and August 2024.

Regional Knitting

First up, these first three books celebrate the rich knitting heritage of different coastal regions around the Baltic, Atlantic, and Pacific.

Knitwear designer and author Ieva Ozolina is well known for her colorwork designs following the Latvian knitting traditions. Her previous books include the Knit Like a Latvian series: three books of colorwork patterns for mittens, fingerless mitts, and gloves, socks, and other accessories.

Her latest book, The Big Book of Latvian Mittens, includes 33 brand-new original colorwork designs along with twice as many favorites from previous titles.

The traditional pointed design of Latvian mittens is very distinctive, along with the beautiful Latvian braid which is often featured in Latvian knitting designs, particularly around the cuff of mittens. The collection features 100 different patterns with large colour charts for each design so you can easily follow even the most elaborate patterns. There are instructions for the basic mitten, glove and fingerless glove patterns as well as step-by-step instructions and artworks for techniques such as forming the thumb, Latvian braids and other cuff finishing techniques including fringing and notches.

Carol Christiansen holds a doctorate in archaeology with a specialism in textiles. She has previously published research in Shetlandic, Scottish and Nordic archaeological and historical textiles, and curates the knitted textiles collections at the Shetland Amenity Museum. Her book Shetland Fine Lace Knitting focuses on re-creating these knitting traditions using modern yarns, tools, and techniques.

The craft of Shetland knitted lace-making involves fine openwork knitting, used to make shawls, stoles and scarves, among other garments. These were considered luxury items because of their fineness, complexity of design, and the length of time required to make them. This book reveals historical knitted lace pieces held in the Shetland Museum collection. It details individual lace motifs, together with instructions and charts for how to recreate them. Each lace pattern includes written knitting instructions, a photograph of the original sample, together with a photograph of a modern knitted swatch, together with the knitting chart. The book is a must for anyone with an interest in lace knitting, historical knitting, knitwear design and the Shetland Islands.

Delve into the past with Shetland lace knitting on August 27, 2024.

The last book in this batch follows the knitting traditions of Atlantic Canada. Big Splash Knits includes knitting patterns for outerwear accessories, written by one half of the author duo behind the Saltwater Knits series.

Big Splash Knits presents more than 20 outerwear knitting projects perfect for a boil-up in the woods, a hike by the sea, or a trot around town. Each pattern is accompanied by expertly and clearly written instructions and inspirational full-color photographs. Helpful tips and colorful stories round out this collection. Written with the same passion and attention to detail as the award-winning Saltwater Knits series, Big Splash Knits will appeal to a wide range of knitters. Big Splash Knits designs are inspired by the traditions of Atlantic Canada, showcasing a love of life by the ocean that will resonate with neighbors in New England and like-minded knitters in Europe and Scandinavia.

Big Splash Knits by Shirley A. Scott comes out just as summer turns to fall, on September 1, 2024.

From Finland with Magic

The next two titles are both Finnish knitting books published in the past couple of years, now translated into English.

Knitted Moomin Socks: 29 Original Designs with Charts is just what is says on the tin: 29 Moomin-inspired charted colorwork sock patterns. Put together by Novita marketing director Linda Permanto, the book contains patterns by various Finnish knitwear designers, such as Minttu Wikberg, Marita Karlsson, and Novita in-house designer Sisko Sälpäkivi.

Inspired by Tove Jansson’s Moomin books, each pattern is a loving homage to Jansson’s beloved characters, brought to life by the artistry of top Finnish knitwear designers. You’re invited on an enchanting knitting adventure deep into the heart of Moominvalley, which will capture your heart and spark your creativity. All of the characters you love are beautifully represented in these designs. You’ll find practical guidance on finding the perfect fit for every member of your family, and detailed instructions on checking your tension ensure that you create the perfect knits every time.
The characters captured in the sock designs all ilks of Moominvalley characters from the Moomins themselves, their companions such as Sniff and Little My, and even the dread-inducing Groke.

The characters captured in the sock designs are all ilks of Moominvalley inhabitants from the Moomins themselves to their companions such as Sniff and Little My, and even the dread-inducing Groke.

Book your ticket to Moominvalley right now! Knitted Moomin Socks was released on June 18, 2024.

This next book is a collection of knitting patterns infused with magic, mysticism, and Finnish folklore. Magical Knits from the North is a collaboration between knitwear designer Katinka Sarjanoja and yoga teacher, modern-day shaman Meri Mort. The book contains 19 knitting patterns for garments and accessories that draw inspiration and imagery from Finnish mythology.

Hand-crafted clothing and hand-knitted gifts have a magic of their own. This collection of poems, spells and 19 knitting patterns for clothes and accessories is designed to connect the reader with their deeper selves so they can impart some of that magic into the finished makes. The 19 knitting patterns in this book are accompanied by poems – in the form of charms or spells – intended to call forth the power that resides in the reader and knitter and pass it on to the wearer of the finished garment. These poems are inspired Finnish folk music – in the past the seers and healers were often referred to as singers - these traditional rhymes and spells can be used to focus the mind and enhance a state of mindfulness.

Magical Knits from the North: 18 Enchanting Knitting Patterns Inspired by Magic and Mysticism comes out on June 24 — just a couple of days after Midsummer Day, the most magic-filled time of the Finnish summer.

Design Techniques

The last set of books focuses on knitting techniques and knitwear design.

Stranded colorwork has had a major resurgence in the past few years. It's high time for another colorwork technique to take the stage: mosaic knitting.

Anna Nikipirowicz is a UK-based knitting and crochet teacher, designer, and author. Her previous books include work on crochet tiles and a Tunisian crochet stitch dictionary. Her latest one, though, is a stitch dictionary for both mosaic knitting and crochet.

Mosaic crochet and knitting is an easy, versatile colorwork technique allowing the maker to create stunning patterns without having to carry multiple strands of yarn per row. This technique allows you to create striking geometric patterns that can be used on everything from homewares to accessories.

The book includes 75 geometric mosaic designs, each with a skill-level rating, that can be used both in knitting and in crochet. Every mosaic design comes as a chart, photos of both knit and crochet swatches, and written instructions. The designs included within are grouped into five themes: geometric, Aztec, nature, seasonal, and general.

Mosaic Chart Directory for Knitting and Crochet teaches you how to read mosaic charts.
Mosaic Chart Directory for Knitting and Crochet teaches you how to read mosaic charts.

In addition to the 75 designs, the book details how to use it, walks you through reading mosaic charts, and explains the foundations of mosaic knitting and mosaic crochet techniques. Mosaic Chart Directory for Knitting and Crochet is set to come out on August 13, 2024.

Saving the most avant-garde for last. Nikki Gabriel is a textile artist from New Zealand. Her new book introduces the concept of Construction Knitting, a novel technique for making knitwear garments from individually crafted geometric shapes.

Using a combination of flat and drape patternmaking, Nikki Gabriel's easy-to-follow technique takes an accumulative approach to garment making, assembling knitwear from individually crafted geometric shapes. Readers are guided through each stage: from creating and assembling the shapes to adapting your garments to fit your unique style. Section one covers knitting techniques for fabric structure and composition, along with yarn specifications, while section two delves into the methodology behind construction knitting. With photographic and illustrated demonstrations, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, and clear hand-knitting methods, Construction Knitting is well-suited to students, designers and amateur knitters alike.

If you can't wait to get your brain (and hands!) wrapped around this concept, Construction Knitting is already available as an e-book. Hard-copy versions will be released on July 11, 2024.

Which upcoming book are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!


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What new knitting books are coming out in Summer 2024? Find it out in this blog post! Discover knitting heritage from the intricate Shetland lace to the colorful mittens of Latvia and outerwear accessories from the Atlantic Canada. Get enchanted with Moomin-inspired colorwork socks and mystical Nordic designs, or expand your skills with mosaic knitting and 3D geometric shapes of construction knitting. #knitting #knit #knittingbooks #mosaicknitting #shetlandlace #lace #colorwork #latvianmittens

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I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thank you so much. What could be more glorious than knitting, than to read about knitting. Some great titles. Thank you

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