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Spring/Summer 2020 Knitting Trends

I've begun to look forward to these trend watching reports! Hopefully you have, too.

Twice a year, Garnstudio asks knitters to vote for their favorites and suggest names for patterns to be included in their next pattern collection. They have now released images for their Spring & Summer 2020 collection. Like runway fashion trickling down to ready-to-wear, the Garnstudio collections show the kinds of garments and pattern features that are making their way from the hot-right-now designer patterns to mainstream knitters and free patterns.

Let's take a look at five big knitting trends that will be popular in the Spring and Summer 2020.

Brioche and brioche-like textures in the DROPS Spring & Summer 2020 collection

#1. Faux Brioche

Brioche has been topping the knitting trends for a couple of seasons already. This spring we're seeing a move away from the two-color overtly oomph brioche to toned-down things. The DROPS Spring & Summer collection is chock full of Fisherman's Rib style sweaters and textures that might look like brioche knitting but are something else entirely.

To highlight the squishy and bouncy brioche texture — faux or not — combine it with a squishy and bouncy yarn. Which leads us to the next trend on the list.

Soft and fluffy yarns in the DROPS Spring & Summer 2020 collection

#2. Fluffy Yarns

The fluff! Mohair or silk/mohair was probably the biggest trend in knitting this past fall and ongoing winter, and DROPS is now jumping on the bandwagon, too. Garnstudio have quite a number or soft, brushed, halo yarns in the repertoire and their making good use of them this season.

I predict this mohair infatuation is not going away any time soon. If you haven't tried the fluff yet, there's still plenty of time to jump onboard.

Powdery color palette in the DROPS Spring & Summer 2020 collection

#3. Powdery Colors

Last summer was about bright, primary colors but this season is much softer in tone. There's lots of powdery blues, blush pinks, beiges, peaches, mauves, light grays, and other neutrals on the DROPS color palette for the 2020 Spring and Summer.

It's like they decided to ditch the more saturated colors on the Pantone color reports (London, New York) and just cherry-pick the mellowest tones. Conspicuously absent is the Pantone Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue.

Crop tops in the DROPS Spring & Summer 2020 collection

#4. Crop Tops

Oversized with lots of ease, that's what everyone's wearing in Fall 2019 and Winter 2020. Oversized pullovers are still heavily featured on the summer collection but I'm also seeing quite a lot of cropped, mid-drift bearing tops. The sweaters this season still have lots of ease but the lengths have come down (or up?) from the mid-thigh to top-of-the-jeans high hip.

Feature raglans in the DROPS Spring & Summer 2020 collection

#5. Feature Raglans

Here's a trend that's been bubbling under for a couple of years but now seems to have hit a full boil: feature raglans. There were so many examples, in fact, that I had a hard time picking just a few!

Instead of hiding raglan seams with near-invisible increases or decreases, feature raglans deliberately draw your eye to that angular raglan line. The raglan seam becomes the central design feature. Here's a few examples of how you can do it: cables, lace, or colorwork. Are drop shoulders finally going away? One can only wish.

Besides the weather, what do you predict will be hot this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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