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Fall/Winter 2022/2023 Knitting Trends

Winter is coming whether you like it or not. Scratch that: of course you like it, you're a knitter! Here's a look into the knitting trends for the 2022/2023 fall and winter seasons with upcoming knitting patterns from Garnstudio. You can vote for your favorites to be included in the collection on their website.

Three examples of boxy oversized drop-shoulder sweaters.
Simple and uncomplicated garment construction is in for Fall 2022 and Winter 2023.

Simple shapes

Dropped shoulders galore! This season is all about simple, uncomplicated garment constructions. Drop-shoulder sweaters and straightforward raglans are featured heavily in the new DROPS collection. If you haven't yet embraced the oversized boxy, there's no escaping it this fall.

Three examples of solid-colored knitted sweaters.
Say goodbye to colorwork: solid colors are in this season!

Solid colors

Simplicity extends to color usage, as well. The majority of items on the new collection are in one color with only a handful of striped sweaters and even fewer colorwork designs. Gone are the days of the colorwork yoke and complicated brioche. Interest is achieved by gansey-style textured patterns, basic cables, or just plain-jane stockinette.

Three examples of brown knitted sweaters.
The hit color of the season: brown.

Brown is the new black

Speaking of color use, you can't beat brown this fall. For an ultra trendy sweater for the upcoming seasons, choose yarn in the color of milk chocolate, tan, beige, latte, taupe, or caramel. Brown is certainly not boring!

Three examples of button placket and pocket details.
Garment details include pockets, buttons, and plackets. And more brown. Lots of brown.

Pockets, buttons, and plackets

To counterbalance the simple shapes DROPS have introduced a few interesting details in their designs this season. For a chronic handbag-averse knitter the addition of pockets is a welcome trend. The deeper the better!

Henley-style sweaters with button plackets are also in this season. This trend even lends itself to accessories in the form of a button-up cowl-slash-dickie combo.

Three examples of mini-sized knitted shawls.
Mini-sized shawls are the hit accessory for Fall 2022.

Honey, I shrunk the shawls

When I started knitting seriously in the mid-aughts, shawls were a one-skein project. Shawl patterns often called for a single skein of sock yarn or (less frequently) lace weight. These days shawls have grown enormously in size, and hit designs like Fade Your Fade or Vertices Unite can take up as much — or even more! — yardage as a sweater.

DROPS wants to dial back shawl size again. The new collection features many examples of kerchief-like, mini-sized shawlettes that are just enough to keep your neck warm — and nothing more.

Which trends are you excited about? Sound of in the comments! 👇


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A look at Garnstudio's latest knitting pattern collection reveals the hottest knitwear trends for the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 seasons. Based on my trend watching, the five biggest knitting trends you need in your fall wardrobe are oversized boxy sweaters with a simple construction, solid colors, lots of brown, pockets and button plackets, and bite-sized mini shawls. #knitting #knit #knitwear #knitweartrends #knittingpatterns #trends #trends2022 #trends2023 #sweatersforwomen

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